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Webinar on ‘travel resilience’: Greek tourism sector is resilient and always recovers

Webinar on ‘travel resilience’: Greek tourism sector is resilient and always recovers

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Tourism Minister Kikilias visiting Dijon

Greece’s tourism sector will be able to remain resilient, despite the crises, based on a clear strategy, technology and data analysis that helps the sector adjust when it’s needed, according to a webinar organised by the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) on Wednesday.

Tourism is resilient and always recovers, according to those participating in the webinar. It was underlined that the key to overcoming crises is the use of models provided by technology and helps businesses and destinations to remain competitive.

Energy prices and tourist business

According to Dimitris Bouchalis, Professor of Tourism at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong, in order to make the tourism product durable, innovation and technology are required, which will enable companies to reduce their operating costs. “It is important that we build our financial pillars. The keywords are liquidity, management and distribution. Especially in the issue of personnel management, a huge problem will be created this year, not only in Greece but all over the world, as tourism has lost too many employees, a large number of whom have moved to other sectors and it is very difficult to return to tourism. Another huge problem this year will be the costs. “The price of energy will act as a deterrent and will have a huge impact on our markets as well, as the traveler’s budget will be reduced,” Bouchalis noted.

On his part, CEO of AQ Strategy Giannis Tsakalos said: “Based on the existing data in the world and the development of technology, models are being created that we must utilise and have the flexibility to adapt. However, he pointed out that the communication strategy comes as a result of a more general strategy, which must be capable of being implemented and have mechanisms to manage any situation that arises, as well flexibility on the part of both the destination and the company to respond to changes.”

Tourism Minister Kikilias visiting Dijon

Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias is to visit Dijon, France, on Thursday to take part in the informal EU Tourism Ministers’ meeting organised by the EU French Presidency. 

The meeting’s agenda is expected to be focused on the recovery of European tourism after two years of pandemic, the assumption of initiatives that will encourage European citizens to travel within EU countries, as well as re-education and skills upgrading for those working in the tourism sector. Kikilias will attend a working dinner where the strategy for making Europe the world’s top sustainable tourist destination will be discussed.

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