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Τhe 51 products of Greece’s “Household basket”

Τhe 51 products of Greece’s “Household basket”

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The supermarkets included in the measure must have at least one product from each product category included in the household basket at an affordable price

From Wednesday, 2 November, the “household basket” is in force according to the Ministerial Decision signed by the Minister of Development and Investments, Adonis Georgiadis. The aim of the measure is to ensure low prices for a group of consumer goods, determined by the ministry, while each supermarket company will autonomously choose the codes of the products to be included in the basket and their prices.

According to the relevant legislation, the supermarkets included in the measure must have at least one product from each product category included in the household basket at an affordable price, especially compared to other products in the same category.

These products will be marked with the special mark established by the Ministry of Development both on the shelves and in company advertising.

Under the same arrangement, products included in the “household basket” are checked, on a priority basis, for compliance with the provision on unfair profiteering. Also, the products in the list can be varied every time a new list is sent by participating chains to the Ministry of Development and Investments.

Touring supermarkets

Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis, the Deputy Minister Nikos Papathanasis, the General Secretary of Trade and Consumer Protection Sotiris Anagnostopoulos, the director of the Interagency Market Control Unit (DIMEA) Charalambos Melissinos and auditors, are going to visit supermarket chain stores in Attica today, the first day of the implementation of the measure for the “household basket“, in order to see if the chains, producers and food industries will honor their agreement Mr. Georgiadis announced, yesterday.

The products with the “household basket” The “household basket” includes 51 categories of products which are as follows:

  • 1. Rice
  • 2. Sliced bread
  • 3. Loaf bread (standard/packaged)
  • 4. Rusks
  • 5. Spaghetti No. 6
  • 6. All purpose flour
  • 7. Legumes (at least one type)
  • 8. Cured turkey and/or Bologna
  • 9. Frozen fish
  • 10. Fresh pork (packaged or not)
  • 11. Fresh chicken (packaged or not)
  • 12. Fresh whole milk
  • 13. Fresh low-fat milk
  • 14. Evaporated milk
  • 15. Unflavored cow’s milk yogurt
  • 16. Low-fat unflavored cow’s milk yogurt
  • 17. Feta cheese
  • 18. Gouda cheese
  • 19. Low-fat cheese
  • 20. Preserved tomato juice
  • 21. Eggs (cage and barn)
  • 22. Margarines
  • 23. Virgin olive oil
  • 24. Sunflower oil
  • 25. Frozen vegetables (at least one of peas, okra, green beans)
  • 26. White sugar
  • 27. Baby formula (baby food)
  • 28. Infant milk (baby food)
  • 29. Greek coffee
  • 30. Instant coffee
  • 31. French coffee
  • 32. Tea or chamomile
  • 33. Cocoa powder
  • 34. Orange juice
  • 35. Hand sanitizers / antiseptics
  • 36. Laundry detergents (liquid and powder – not tablets)
  • 37. Detergents for mopping and cleaning surfaces – bleaches
  • 38. Dish detergents for hand washing
  • 39. Kitchen paper
  • 40. Toilet paper
  • 41. Toothpastes
  • 42. Napkins
  • 43. Tampons
  • 44. Shampoo
  • 45. Soaps in solid state
  • 46. ​​Incontinence diapers
  • 47. Diapers for babies
  • 48. Baby wipes
  • 49. Baby shampoo
  • 50. Food for dogs
  • 51. Cat food.

Participating supermarkets

The measure is mandatory for supermarket chains that had a turnover of more than 90 million euros in 2021. Jointly the chains Sklavenitis, AB Vassilopoulos, Lidl, My Market, Masoutis, Galaxias, ANEDIK Kritikos, Market In, SYNKA (including the retail activity has been acquired by Masoutis), Bazaar , Discount Markt, Halkiadakis Collaborating Grocers (recently acquired by ANEDIK Kritikos). The online supermarket e-fresh.gr has also declared that it will voluntarily participate in the action

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