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Greek household basket: Average reduction in prices of 18%

Greek household basket: Average reduction in prices of 18%

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The Minister of Development talks of Black Friday... and the household basket

Most supermarket chains made new reductions of up to -18.1% in the total cost of the “household basket“, according to a statement from the Ministry of Development.

This results, according to the announcement, based on the new price lists announced to the ministry today, Wednesday 23 November and valid for the fourth week of implementation of the Government’s initiative (23-29/11/2022).

“Black Friday this week and it looks like it started with the new prices on the “Household Basket“. The first assessment of the new prices shows that out of 816 products, 60 have increased and 167 decreased while 589 remain the same. The most important thing: all the chains have a reduction”, pointed out the Minister of Development and Investments, Mr. Adonis Georgiadis.

From all 816 products included in the “household basket” that are completely comparable

-price decrease on 167 items, a rate of 20.5%

-price remained stable for 589 items, 72.1%

-price increased (slightly in most cases) for 60 items, a rate of 7.3%

“Therefore, the total cost of the “household basket” is noticeably reduced in the vast majority of supermarkets with the largest reduction -18.1% in the My market chain,” the ministry points out.


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