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GEK TERNA – MOTOR OIL set to launch Greece’s most efficient power plant

GEK TERNA – MOTOR OIL set to launch Greece’s most efficient power plant

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The construction of the 877 MW CCGT power plant fueled by natural gas is nearing completion in Komotini.

The construction of the most efficient power plant in Greece is entering the final stretch.

The plant in construction is the 877 MW Komotini CCGT which belongs to “Thermoelectric Komotini”, the joint company of GEK TERNA and MOTOR OIL and is expected to be put into operation in 2024. The two groups each own 50% of the subsidiary that will operate the plant.

The final phase of the construction was marked by the receipt and installation of the most basic part of the equipment of an electricity production unit, the gas turbine. The 9000HL gas turbine has been manufactured by Siemens Energy and was installed at the site of the plant under construction at the Komotini VIPE last week.

GEK TERNA, in a post on LinkedIn, announced the fact of the receipt and installation of the gas turbine, which is the cutting edge of this technology and gives the highest thermal efficiency to the new unit, reaching 64%. MOTOR OIL in the recent presentation of its strategic plan for its energy transition in 2030 has included the Komotini CCGT in its investments and characterizes the station as the most energy efficient in Greece.


With a post on LinkedIn, the GEK TERNA group announces the following: “The reception, unloading, transport over a length of approximately 60 kilometers and its installation was completed with complete success, with the kind cooperation and support of the local agencies and services of the prefectures of Evros and Rhodope”.

TERNA, which is building the new CCGT project to carry the gas turbine, has carried out engineering and road clearances, road and Irish crossing improvements (points of the road that cross streams) as well as temporary bridge and engineering piers, which will remain available. of local communities.

The Investment

The investment of the two companies for the new power station amounts to 377 million euros.

The plant’s CO2 emissions will be 75% lower than a lignite plant and its operation is expected in 2024.

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