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Categories of toys to be included in Greece’s Santa’s Basket

Categories of toys to be included in Greece’s Santa’s Basket

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Off the list of the festive basket of Greek favorite holiday sweets melomakarona and kourabiedes

The composition of the festive basket was finally announced by the Minister of Development Adonis Georgiadis, but without the sweets that Greeks love to consume during the Christmas holidays, which will be valid from December 14th until January 4th.

As the minister in charge announced, the basket will include turkey, beef, sweetbread, New Year’s cake and chocolate.

He explained that “there had been a big discussion about whether we would include kourabiedes and melomakaroni. By my own decision we will not include them in order not to have unfair competition with patisseries and bakeries”.

Santa’s basket

Also, Adonis Georgiadis announced the Santa Claus basket, which, as OT wrote this morning, will include toys and games, and will be valid from December 14th to January 11th, i.e. one week longer than the basket with food items.

As he said, “because we don’t want to give a signal that everything should be given by the supermarkets, we decided with the association of Greek toy retailers and created the Santa Claus basket”.

All game stores will create their own basket with 10 categories, namely:

puzzles, toys, dolls and other accessories baby toys, action figures, building blocks games, sports games, balls, etc., stuffed toys, musical toys, remote controlled, electric toys According to the minister, most chains have statements that they will include more than one product and their basket will be rich.

He also clarified that “there will be a special field on the e-katanalotis site to monitor the evolution of prices per chain and per game adding that “with this basket the toys will be controlled in terms of profit margin”.


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