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Turkish media: “We urgently need fighter jets, Greece has surpassed us”

Turkish media: “We urgently need fighter jets, Greece has surpassed us”

Πηγή Φωτογραφίας: Αρχείου

Turkish media reports that Greece has gained superiority in the air, and for this reason, Turkey is currently in talks to receive up to 48 Eurofighters from the United Kingdom.

Commenting on the news of the alleged Ankara-London agreement on armaments, a journalist on the TGRT network goes as far as to claim that Greece is “sticking out its tongue” against Turkey because it has significantly upgraded its air force.

“Turkey urgently needs fighter jets. Greece, from the point of view of upgrades and the number, has surpassed us. And for this reason, they stick out their tongues and have these provocative approaches towards us,” the journalist commented.

He also explained that the reasons for appealing to the United Kingdom to purchase new aircraft are due to the difficulties of supplying F-16s from the US.

“And we in the defence industry are doing well. But Turkey needs 5-10 years to integrate these helicopters and planes that it manufactures, there are aircraft and tanks that it needs to buy and modernise”.

According to the Turkish media, in addition to the Eurofighter supply, Turkey is also discussing with the United Kingdom the purchase of frigates and C-130s.


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