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The overlooked beaches of Central Greece

The overlooked beaches of Central Greece

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From Evia, Viotia, and Fthiotida, to Fokida and Skyros, the beaches are so many, we could write many more words.

Although many know of the beaches in Halkida and the Cyclades islands, Central Greece has the Aegean Sea, the Evoikos and the Corinthian Gulf, all dotted with the most amazing beaches.

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Whatever waters and no matter what type of beach you want, you’ll find it in Central Greece, as Travel reported. Serviced, family beaches with shallow waters, secluded, wild ones with deep waters, with youthful vibes and loud music, or with only the sound of the waves on the sand and pebbles.

From Evia, Viotia, and Fthiotida, to Fokida and Skyros, the beaches are so many, we could write many more words.

Vithouri, Evia

Vithouri in Evia is one of those little hidden gems that you’ll need to travel some distance to reach, as it is about 50km from the city of Halkida. The route, although full of turns, as it passes through mountains and fir forests, is truly beautiful. When you arrive at this small beach, you’ll be filled with awe as it is surrounded not only by a lot of greenery but also by huge rocks that give it a special wild beauty. Its waters are stunning and crystal clear, typical of the Aegean Sea. It’s not an organised beach, so you should make sure to bring everything you’ll need.

Megali Ammos, Evia

Megali Ammos in Marmari is no longer a secret, as it is one of the most famous beaches on the island of Evia. Its exceptionally blue waters and lovely fine golden sand make it not only famous but also beautiful. Moreover, it is also a favourite spot for kite surfers who arrive to the beach from almost all over the world to enjoy their beloved sport. It is of course serviced and has facilities for water sports.

Potami, Evia

Potami is 22 km away from Karystos, and the winding road there will give you a bit of a hard time, but when you reach this wide, golden sand, beach with the clear blue waters, you’ll forget everything. The small river of Platanistos flows out on one end of the beach making it even more beautiful. Two taverns on the beach will satisfy your hunger after the dives.

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