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Olympiacos has chance at its first European trophy, against Italy’s Fiorentina in ECL final in Athens

Olympiacos has chance at its first European trophy, against Italy’s Fiorentina in ECL final in Athens


According to the General Police Director of Attica, Major General Ioannis Skouras, who presented the traffic and security measures on Tuesday

Olympiacos Pireaus has a chance to win a historic first European trophy for the club and for Greek football in the final of the Europa Conference League in Athens on Wednesday night, playing against Italy’s Fiorentina at 22:00. The Italian team, in turn, dreams of bring back a second title to Italy this season, after Atalanta’s victory in the UEFA Europa League against Germany’s Leverkusen.

Roughly 5,000 police officers have been deployed for the security of the game, while all public gatherings are prohibited on Wednesday in Attica region and all the schools in the Nea Philadelphia municipality (where the OPAP Arena is located) will remain closed. The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority has issued a NOTAM, following a request from the Hellenic Police, prohibiting the flights of helicopter and light aircraft (including drones) for security reasons during the UEFA Europa Conference League final.The prohibition is effective from 14:00 on Wednesday (May 29) until 06:00 on Thursday throughout the Attica basin area, which includes the venues of the game and related events. Exemptions to the ban include special and state flights, which are permitted at altitudes of 5,000 feet above sea level or higher.

According to the General Police Director of Attica, Major General Ioannis Skouras, who presented the traffic and security measures on Tuesday, every effort will be made to protect the event and ensure it runs smoothly, with all police services assisting and roughly 5,000 police officers used.

Their task will include ensuring the game and associated events are conducted smoothly, to protect the athletes, officials, journalists and spectators, ensure the orderly arrival and transportation of fans – including people with disabilities – and preventing and averting any violence against persons or property.

Using a system of colour-coded red, blue and white tickets, the authorities have set up two separate official Fan Meeting Points for the supporters of the two teams, who will be transported to the stadium under escort on metro line 1 trains and public transport buses exclusively for this purpose.

Olympiacos fans with red tickets will gather at the Peace and Friendship Stadium in Neo Faliro and gradually be taken to the game in metro line 1 trains that will make no other stops, disembarking at Perissos station and walking to the stadium under a police escort.

Fiorentina fans will be supplied with blue tickets and will meet at the OAKA stadium, from where they will be taken to the OPAP Arena on OSY buses, using stringent protection measures.

Spectators that support neither team will have white tickets and will board trains leaving the metro line 1 stations ‘Irene’ and ‘Thissio’ that will go directly to Perissos station, without making any stops. Minivans will be available at Perissos and Apostolakis Park for the use of persons with disabilities, to take them to the OPAP Arena.

All of metro line 1 will be closed to commuters from 17:00 on Wednesday, with only the stations used for the transport of fans remaining open and only ticket holders to the games permitted to use the trains. Fans must have both a legal ticket made out in their name and a police ID card.

Measures to secure the area around the stadium and establish a security perimeter have begun since Sunday, and only those with special clearance are permitted to pass through security checks. Spectators will be directed to the appropriate access points, where they must again show their ticket and ID and submit to a body search. The tickets outline the terms and forbidden items, while those found in possession of forbidden items will be removed and taken into custody.

Four hours before the start of the game, the external perimeter will open so that spectators can gather inside, while a series of events have been planned there by UEFA. Three hours before kickoff, the stadium gates will open and spectators will be able to begin entering.

The departure of fans will be carried out in the reverse manner, with Olympiacos supporters taken to Perissos station and Fiorentina supporters to the buses on Dekelias Avenue.

Tight security measures are also envisaged for the transportation of the teams, referees and officials.

Apart from the security measures, police have also announced a series of traffic measures in districts around Nea Philadelphia where the match is taking place, which started coming into effect since Monday. They include the closure of roads, especially those around the stadium but also in central Athens, Faliro and other fan meeting points, and restrictions on parking and stopping.

The most sweeping of the traffic measures will be taken on Wednesday, with motorists advised to refrain from using their cars in the above roads and to follow the instructions of the police.

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