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Kos: An island of ancient and Venetian touches

Kos: An island of ancient and Venetian touches

Πηγή Φωτογραφίας: Greeka

The commercial and social center of ancient Kos is one of the largest agoras that have been excavated to date in Greece.

Kos is characterized as one of the ideal destinations for holidays in Greece and rightly so.

It is a beautiful island, the third largest of the Dodecanese, and is a particularly popular holiday destination for travelers from all over the world, attracting families, large groups, and couples.

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Kos offers a wide variety of options for entertainment, nightlife, food, activities and accommodation.

It is a particularly welcoming place, but is also endowed with a rich past, while offering everyone what they dream of on vacation: a cosmopolitan aura, endless beaches with turquoise waters, picturesque settlements, seaside resorts, historical attractions.

This is the island where Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was born and lived, and as expected it looks like an open-air museum, with ancient and medieval monuments scattered everywhere. It has many archaeological sites and imposing buildings from the Italian period, which are worth visiting to experience its rich history.

In fact, because Kos has been inhabited since ancient times, it has been influenced by many cultures over the centuries. In the town of Kos, as well as in smaller villages and settlements, you will find many interesting monuments that bear witness to the long history of the island.

It is worth noting that in addition to all of the above, Kos has managed to win the title of “cycling island“. The flat terrain of the island, the large cycle paths it has and the network they serve, have highlighted it as a bike friendly destination.

On the island, locals and visitors choose bicycles as a means to enjoy the city, escape to the beaches and even for their work or shopping.

So it’s worth renting a bike and exploring the town of Kos as well as other settlements.

The island offers activities for all ages. Especially those who love outdoor activities, will add Kos to your list of top destinations.

What to see in Kos…

Start with the simple, which is often the best. Walk or take a bike ride on the Avenue of Palms, the emblematic street of the city, in front of the castle of the Knights of St. John.

A short distance away you will also find Liberty Square, which is surrounded by unique buildings, such as the Municipal Market and the Defterdar Mosque. There you will see monuments that summarize the rich history of the island, while at the same time you will also feel the modern pulse of the city.

The Archaeological Museum, which is housed in a listed building from the time of the Italian occupation, gathers a number of important finds from the Agora, the Conservatory, the Altar of Dionysus and the Roman House (Casa Romana).

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