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The Rooster Antiparos

The Rooster Antiparos

Πηγή Φωτογραφίας: The Greek Foundation

Hidden away, on the tiny Greek island of Antiparos, nestled amongst the hills, ruins, rocks and sand dunes on a 30 acre slice of paradise, lies The Rooster.

Peaceful and unpretentious, the lifestyle resort is a private oasis of wellness and natural beauty, and the most talked about hotel in Greece this summer.

The Rooster is located 6 kilometres away from the port of Antiparos, which is a 10-minute ferry from its larger and better known sibling, Paros, which is accessible by flights and ferries from Athens. Long considered a great day trip from Paros, as years have gone by, many people have began to choose Antiparos as a destination for its laid-back-luxury vibe and off-the-beaten-path status.

Endowed with sheer natural beauty, golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and wilderness landscaping, Antiparos still remains partially unspoiled.

It has become known as Hollywood’s favourite Greek island where the likes of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, who became Greek citizens in 2020, own a villa.

The Rooster’s 16 individual villas, most with their own pools, and a farmhouse that sleep 6, are superbly camouflaged above a magical unspoilt beach called Livadia.

Built to blend in with, rather to interrupt its tranquil surrounds, the resort has been respectfully created with regard to the island’s aesthetics and heritage.

Opening in June this year, the story behind The Rooster is as overwhelming as the place itself.

More than a resort, the place is a life’s project, thoroughly thought-out to last detail by an inspiring woman, a true visionary, in all respects.

The Rooster’s founder and owner, Athanasia Comninos, began vacationing on Antiparos 10 years ago.

Feeling blessed to have experienced her own rooster-crow-style ‘wake up call’ in a decisive moment in her life – a spiritual awakening and re-evaluation of what is real and what matters – Comninos dreamt of a safe haven for those who aspire to personal growth through travel, art and culture; and a place where happiness can be appreciated in small details and simple pleasures.

The stylish mother of two left her career that included interior design, a stint at Vogue Greece, and working for her family’s shipping company to focus on this passion project seven years ago.

While other hotels have suffered from cancelations and low occupancy because of Covid, The Rooster is operating at full capacity thanks to a mix of its beautiful setting, stunning earth-toned decor and delicious farm-to-table cuisine using fresh ingredients grown on the resort’s own farm.

“The vibe of the hotel is exactly what I was dreaming of, which is quite tranquil,” says Comninos.

“It’s easy on the eyes and on the ears, as is my decoration.

“The guests are the guests I was dreaming to have; they are respectful, they are kind, and they seem to get the concept and to respect the differences that this hotel has from other hotels. For instance, we don’t have a central pool or service on the beach.”

“Our houses and our landscape, either built in, or natural open spaces, are designed for guests who crave privacy, tranquillity, elegance, harmony and balance,” says The Rooster team, who ask that guests allow themselves to be guided to a realm of human connection and harmonious lifestyle.

“We encourage openness to disconnect from the unnecessary noise and to prioritize your wellbeing. We are crowing to create a home away from home through architecture, bespoke interiors, elements of nature, culinary experiences, and tailor made activations in shared or private areas.

“Our deepest purpose will remain to connect with ourselves and with each other.”

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