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New interministerial decision brings changes to Household Basket scheme

New interministerial decision brings changes to Household Basket scheme

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Product prices will be monitored on the electronic application of the ministry, on a weekly basis, starting Wednesday

A few days after the premiere for the “household basket“, the Ministry of Development and Investment is trying to correct various “teething problems”, while at the same time some of the large supermarket chains are correcting – downwards – the prices of certain products. At the same time, according to information available to OT, it is possible to see an electronic “household basket” from efood bretailers.

Among the “teething problems” is the inability of many consumers to identify the products included in the “basket” of each supermarket chain due to the size of the relevant signs.

In the coming days the Ministry of Development and Investments will issue a new ministerial decision on the “household basket“, as Minister Adonis Georgiadis announced speaking to SKAI tv.

The decision will provide for larger and clearly visible labels on the basket products and to ensure the adequacy of the products offered.

Also, the minister noted that the first week of implementation of the measure was encouraging while adding that from Wednesday the prices of the products will be monitored weekly in the ministry’s online application.

At the same time, he announced a meeting with the representatives of the food industries, but first – as he said – after receiving the results of the checks of the Interagency Market Control Unit (DIMEA).

It is recalled that in his post on social media yesterday, the minister, after a new visit to a supermarket in Western Athens, wrote: “…We have a way to go to get where we want. We will make sure to increase the signage and ensure that there is a continuous supply of products”

The Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, Nikos Papathanasis, spoke about the “household basket” that has been in force since November 2 in supermarkets on Mega television.

The minister first mentioned that there are frequent visits to supermarkets in order to check if the measure is being followed correctly and noted that there are some points that need to be corrected regarding the “household basket”.

“Sales of ‘basket’ goods have increased by 100% which means that people want to buy, they are asking for the products… at this moment the industry has to ‘put its back’ so that the products in the ‘basket’ are very cheaper than their counterparts” said the minister.

When asked about the possibility of extending the measure to other industries, the minister noted that the option is available to anyone, and smaller retailers must choose for themselves. The ministry has been in contact with bakeries and butchers with the entrepreneurs being positive in thinking, waiting, however, to see how the measure pans out.

Mr. Papathanasis also revealed the future creation of a “basket” for citizens with special nutritional needs. He then explained that in the “basket” there are 50% private label products, and 50% branded products.

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