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The best-selling electric cars in Greece

The best-selling electric cars in Greece

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TOP 15 electric cars in October 2022

Electric vehicles are slowly gaining its share in the Greek market, which is reflected in registrations. According to official data from the Association of Motor Vehicle Importers Representatives (AMVIR), the sales of purely electric cars reached 241 units in October, occupying a market share of 3.09%.

Since the beginning of the year and for the January – October period, sales reached 2,234 units with a market share of 2.46%. The most popular category in electric vehicles was “D” with 1,015 sales and a share of 45.43%.

However, what we find is that there are sales in all categories.

But which cars are the most popular since the beginning of the year? As you can see in the relevant list, the Tesla models, Model Y, and Model 3, recorded the most sales, occupying the first two positions.

In third place was the Fiat 500 which showed its dynamics, being the most affordable electric with car characteristics. In the electric category, VW is showing momentum with the ID.4 and Id.3, while Mercedes with the new EQA has every reason to aim for the top positions.

TOP 15 electric cars in October 2022

Tesla Model Y 260 Tesla Model 3 180 Fiat 500 170 VW ID.4 141 Mercedes EQA 98 VW ID.3 98 Hyundai Kona 92 ​​Skoda Enyaq 78 Peugeot 208 70 Mercedes EQB 67 Audi Q4 66 Mini 66 Ford Mustang Mach-e 61 Volvo C40 57 Opel Mokka 54


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