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Karpathos: Among the 8 most beautiful islands in Europe for the Swiss

Karpathos: Among the 8 most beautiful islands in Europe for the Swiss

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Switzerland's largest newspaper characterizes Karpathos as "Mystic Santorini".

Blick, Switzerland’s largest newspaper, urges Swiss and German-speaking travelers to change habits and prefer secluded islands without mass tourism, such as Karpathos.

For this purpose, the popular medium published a list of 8 European islands, distinguished for their traditions, unparalleled natural beauty and the moments of authenticity they offer.

In the “octagon” of alternative European destinations, Karpathos – which is the only Greek region – occupies the 5th place. As the popular newspaper reports, “Karpathos is a bright example of quality, as it is also known as the “secret” Santorini. Typical blue-and-white villages, beautiful coves, enchanting sunsets and traditional Greek mezes abound here. Karpathos means endless pleasure!’ Blick’s list is completed by Porkerol in France, Ponza in Italy, La Graziosa in the Canary Islands, Gozo in Malta, the British island of Guernsey, Tersling in the Netherlands and Amrum in Germany.

“Our story about real holiday experiences in Karpathos has a very great response in the international media. The island is constantly gaining new friends from abroad, while there are many who visit us every year! A very good season is predicted with flows from markets such as Scandinavia, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and other German-speaking countries”, said the Deputy Mayor of Tourism of the Municipality of Karpathos, Manolis Paragyios.

The Daily Mail It is worth reminding that among the 14 alternative destinations from around the world that possess the charm of the different and unexplored and have been “overlooked” or “underestimated” by mass tourism, Karpathos was included according to the British newspaper Daily Mail and the website timeout. com.

The purpose of the article, as the two popular media outlets recently reported, is to inspire travelers about quality destinations that stand out for their local culture, gastronomy and experiences and are considered “hidden gems.”

According to the list, in Karpathos visitors enjoy pristine beaches, far from the crowds and standardization of other Greek islands, while reference is made to the unique Olympus.

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