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Greek Shipowners in 1st Place for New Orders and Secondhand Ships

Greek Shipowners in 1st Place for New Orders and Secondhand Ships

Πηγή Φωτογραφίας: FILE PHOTO: Greek-flagged bulk cargo vessel Sea Champion is docked to the port of Aden, Yemen to which it arrived after being attacked in the Red Sea in what appears to have been a mistaken missile strike by Houthi militia, February 21, 2024. REUTERS/Fawaz Salman/File Photo

Research at Allied QuantumSea shows Greek ship holders are also first in ship sales, showing they are modernizing their fleets

A report by Allied QuantumSea, the research arm of Greece-based Allied Shipbroking says that Greek shipowners hold first place for new orders of ships and for the purchase of secondhand ships from the period May 2023 to May 2024, according to a report at Ta Nea.

Ta Nea also highlights that Greek shipowners are also number one in ship sales, which reveals that they are modernizing their fleets.

Specifically, Greek shipowners have placed orders for 191 new ships, comprised of 64 dry bulk carriers, 92 tankers and 28 liquefied natural gas and LPG carriers.

For secondhand purchases, the Greek shipping industry has purchased 266 ships, broken down between 183 bulk carriers and 58 tankers.

The Japanese and Chinese hold second and third place, respectively, for new ship orders, having bought 125 ships and 122 ships the past year.

Ta Nea also highlighted a Lloyds report, which reveals that Greeks own more than 5,500 ships, representing 20.2% of the world’s transport capacity.

Within the European context, Greek shipping controls an estimated 61% of the EU merchant fleet, led by LNG carriers, dry bulk carriers and tankers.

Source: tovima.com


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