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Tourism Min. invites Austrians to winter in Greece

Tourism Min. invites Austrians to winter in Greece

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After inviting Germans and Scandinavians to savor warm Greek winters, Vassilis Kikilias extended the invitation to Austrians during meeting with ambassador

The Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias, held a meeting with the Ambassador of Austria, Hermine Poppeller, in order to discuss and exchange views on the course of tourism and the attraction of additional travelers from Austria, within the framework of the strategy that has been developed with the aim of extending the Greek tourist season.

It is noted that in 2019, 589,000 travelers from Austria visited Greece, spending more than 460 million euros, while this June the arrivals of Austrian travelers increased by 32% compared to the corresponding month of 2019.

Austrians “vote” Greece

Ms. Poppeller pointed out the potential that tourism in Greece has for Austrians, as it combines landscapes of unparalleled natural beauty with archaeological monuments and culture. The Ambassador specifically mentioned the promotion of Greece in Austria through the Austrian-Greek Music Summer, an event that this year includes 34 concerts of Greek and Austrian musicians throughout the country.

Mr. Kikilias thanked the Austrian Embassy for the cooperation, pointing out that attracting Austrian travelers for both autumn and early winter is a priority of the Ministry of Tourism and for this reason he has planned to travel to Vienna himself in September to hold a series of contacts for the further promotion of Greece as an ideal destination not only for the summer but for all months of the year.

After the conclusion of the meeting, Ms. Polleller stated in a tweet that she discussed with Mr. Kikilias developments regarding tourism in Greece and Austria, the challenges they have to face and the ways of further cooperation, saying: “Congratulations to Greece and to the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias for the excellent tourist season of 2022!”.

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