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Ancient Greeks invented the … laptop?

Ancient Greeks invented the … laptop?

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The Greek tombstone shows a woman using 'a laptop complete ...with USB ports'.

Ancient Greeks invented the laptop..or so goes the latest conspiracy theory generated from a Greek tombstone on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, California reports the SUN.

The Greek tombstone shows a woman using ‘a laptop complete …with USB ports’.

According to the media outlet a ‘bonkers theory claims it is proof a time traveller took a portable computer back to when the marble relief was sculpted in 100BC.’

The 37 inch statue, called Grave Naiskos Of An Enthroned Woman With An Attendant, used as a funeral marker, depicts a woman sitting on an armchair as a slave girl holds open a thin folding box.

‘The mistress touches the lid and gazes at the upper section – which some online believe is the screen of a laptop.

‘Along the side are two holes said to resemble USB ports or other cable inputs.

‘The base is too shallow to be a jewellery box, according to a video on conspiracists’ YouTube channel Still Speaking Out.’

“It depicts an astonishing object that bears a striking resemblance to a modern laptop or some handheld device,” the video claims.

“When I look at the sculpture I can’t help but think about the Oracle of Delphi, which was supposed to allow the priests to connect with the gods to retrieve advanced information.”

Of course historians don’t share the conspiracy theories, with a historian’s gallery description of the sculpture says it shows the woman whose grave it marked looking into a “shallow chest”, a ‘common theme in funerary art at the time, expressing the hope loved-ones would enjoy the same earthly pleasures in the afterlife.’


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