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How Greeks celebrate Dekapentavgoustos in Greece

How Greeks celebrate Dekapentavgoustos in Greece

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Dekapentavgoustos in Greece

If you are looking for the liveliest time to be in Greece, Dekapentavgoustos (August 15th) should be on top of your list. Marking the Assumption of the Virgin Mary — one of the largest religious celebrations in the country— this period also hosts some of the greatest Panigiria (festivals).

Greeks from Athens, Thessaloniki and all the main cities travel to their island homes and villages to mark this day of non-stop celebration. Every region has its traditions but overall, the day is held in honour of Panagia- who is cherished and respected and asked to perform miracles on people of all ages.

On this day, each town’s icon of the Virgin is often adorned with flowers and ribbons and carried around the island or village so that the faithful may touch it. The formal religious ceremony is held during the day, with mass and prayers in the morning and the evening focus shifts to food, wine, song and dance.

Panigiria is set in town squares or next to a celebrating church, with each festivity including tables of guests who partake in the local revelry. Each village serves up their local wine and delicacies to the sounds of live bands, with most locals up and dancing from when they arrive.

The essence of this celebration is that “all are welcome” and treated like family- participating body and soul in the commemoration.

What is 100 per cent certain is that wherever you are in Greece on this national holiday- be it an island, village, city or remote town- there will be a Panigiri somewhere nearby. We look at some of the best places to be in Greece for Dekapentavgoustos.

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